Pumpkin Spice ..and Everything Nice | GIVEAWAY!

“Do you collect anything?”

…My only blood-related Auntie asked me that question years ago, and I racked my brain trying to answer her question. It shouldn’t have been that difficult, but I was raised moving from one new house to another and can confidently report I am by all means not a hoarder! 

I joke about being a professional packer and mover; however, on my latest relocation I realized I do collect a few things!

I collect Impromtu Cards, also known as Kim Anderson Cards:


I remember always seeing a poster or calendar of these photos at my Grandma’s house — I credit my obsession to her and have almost an endless supply of these beautiful blank cards. God forbid they ever go out of business, I’ll be forced to buy them out for fear of running out!

I also collect Willow Tree Angels and Figures:

My sweet sister-friend Karyn gave me my first Willow and initiated this blessed trend when we were in high school. I mostly buy these for gifts rather than for myself, so I only have a few; but I credit her for introducing me to Susan Lordi’s Willow’s and will always love them:)

And last but certainly not least..

I collect Starbucks Cards!

I have this habit of grabbing while standing at the cash-rap at any given Starbucks… Apparently there is a “rule” that you can’t take a card with out loading it — but oh contrar. I am a ninja like impulse grabber, and who ever works the till never sees my stealth-like actions. My very first job (13 years old w/a workers permit thank you very much) was Starbucks, so perhaps I feel entitled for this larceny. 

I’m an advocate for Starbucks, carry a gold card, keep their stocks high, and seriously doubt they care I have sniped their cards from all over the country, season upon season, limited editions and literally have stacks I randomly find in my belongings. I have tried to organize them for the last 5+ years, and I’m proud to say I am definitely making progress;) I suppose if Starbucks starts locking down their cards it’s because they read this post and in that case, my apologies.

Anyway, without further adieu, the very reason for this post is to share the wealth!

You may or may not already be part of the Starbucks Reward Program–I highly suggest you become one immediately–even if you only enjoy toasting Autumn with a Pumpkin Spice Latte or Falling into Winter with those fabulous red cups… Any purchases with a registered Starbucks Card = discounts and rewards, so wise up friends! Soy milk = free. You’re welcome!

There are tons of awesome cards in circulation — here’s the latest Fall 2011, Starbucks Card in honor of Autumn’s changing leaves, and October’s National Disability Awareness Month:

States even have a few of their own ~ Check out Hawaii’s:

Don’t you want one!!?? 

Yesterday I was craving a Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) from the moment I woke up and didn’t have a chance to get one until 7PM! I couldn’t seem to concentrate on anything, making the composure of this post extremely difficult. Thankfully it was worth the wait because I successfully converted yet another friend to be equally obsessed with this calorie exempt luxurious treat.

It tastes like Pumpkin Pie!!

So here’s the deal-yo. I think everyone should go out and try this fabulous seasonal beverage. Trust me when I say get the whipped cream — it seriously makes the drink. Order Non-fat milk if you feel you need to balance it out — it’s beyond worth the extra mile you may or may not run — trust. 


Here in my hand is an brand new Hawai’i Starbucks card, which is unregistered, but has a $10 Balance on it just for you…

All you have to do is the following (leave a comment for each) and you’ll instantly increase your odds of winning!

+1 Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect (to boost my ego), which is found on the right sidebar. If you’re already a follower–you’re awesome–and still need to let me know you follow:)

Additional Entries:
+1 Follow @JennsAdventures on Twitter

+1 Tweet about this giveaway: “I just entered a great #giveaway from @JennsAdventures – enter to win a #Hawaii @Starbucks card: http://tinyurl.com/638j7sk“

+1 “Like” Jenn’s Adventures on Facebook (Brand new! Spread the word!)

+1 Blog, Facebook, or share this giveaway on any other social media website

+1 Share with me something you collect

+1 Donate to support my friends Allan & Suz over at Cows & Lasers efforts to meet their fundraising goal in this years Liz Hurley Ribbon Run (Comment saying “I donated”)

How’s that for a boat load of opportunities to win?!

*Feel free to complete all entries but make sure you leave a SEPARATE comment for each so that all entries get counted!*

If you have been lurking in the shadows, this is a great time for you to shine. If you’re a reader, and keep coming back, let me know by following vie Google Friend Connect! Following and commenting is the biggest compliment you can give–and I hope this giveaway encourages you to participate in the fun!

Good luck to all!

Giveaway Closes at 11:59PM (HST) on September 22, 2011

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114 thoughts on “Pumpkin Spice ..and Everything Nice | GIVEAWAY!

  1. I collect iPhone cases. I have a ton of them! Also, I have over 50,000 baseball cards that haven't been touched in 15+ years.

    I follow your blog, follow you on Twitter, and liked your Facebook page. War Eagle!!!

  2. I am a new found fan of your blog. Anyone who is a “ninja” at swiping Starbucks cards has an immediate stamp of approval from me! I love pumpkin spice and just had my first cup yesterday. Pumpkin makes me happy but not as happy as imagining you “ninja” swiping a card.

    Get Up & Go

  3. I collect starbucks cards too but not as many as you have! I win ALOT of cards so they are all over the place, we finally gave a lot to the kids to play with cause they LOVE to play Starbucks…IDK WHERE their Sbux ❤ comes from lol! frugalfamilyfunspot at gmail dot com

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