Friday Faves (Shameless Obsessions)

I found this on CAWife’s Blog!

When I saw this on CAWife’s Blog, I instantly wanted to jump on board… I’m not a huge fan of structured writing; however yesterday’s post, and today’s post are fun and although semi-structured, still broad enough for me to enjoy–sheesh, loathe rules much?!

1. Canon 5D Mark ii | I’m obsessed:

I’m sure everyone I’m close to is tired of hearing me say “I sooo want this camera!” and quite frankly, I am tired of saying I want this camera! But the truth is I can’t bite the bullet and throw down that kind of money right now. I could prior to its release date several years ago, and in all honesty should have purchased it then. Maybe sometime in the near future I’ll sack up, but until then, I will marvel at it’s beauty, and Vincent Laforet’s genius photography…

2. OC1 | I’m obsessed:

Again, I’m sure everyone I’m close to is tired of hearing me say “I sooo want a oneman!” and again, I am tired of saying I want a oneman! I have wanted a oneman for as long as I’ve wanted that camera–probably longer–and right now I can’t justify buying a boat (new or used) with out having a form of transportation. How useless would it be to purchase something and not be able to use it, regardless of how expensive it was?

It’s definitely a passion of mine though, so I will be buying one soon… The question has now become do I want a Hurricane, or a Pueo? ..So once I figure that out, it’s on!

3. Neverfull GM | I’m obsessed:

Hi, My name is Jennifer, and I’m addicted to Louis Vuitton. As you may have read in “It’s Ok Thursday” I am willing to go to Louis Vuitton right now and feed my obsession versus tackling our storage unit where I have a few boxes of Louis Vuitton. First things first — in my defense, there is nothing simple about that storage unit. It is 10lbs of stuff shoved into a 5lb bag…and while I know what box numbers my Louis Vuitton loot are in, apparently they’re damn near impossible to get to without either my Dad or Brother’s help. Awesome. While I wouldn’t advise betting your last dollar on receiving their help anytime this year; I would on me purchasing more Louis Vuitton before the ending of this very month!!


If you’re wondering WHY would someone put their Louis Vuitton merch in storage…the answer is: I own a lot. I couldn’t move across the country four times with all said bags thus being forced to box them up until a future day of feeling like Christmas.

4. Franklin & Bash + Suits | I’m Obsessed:

I like these guys. Some how my DVR knew I’d love these two shows and started recording them one day… I’m so glad, too, because I was hooked with one episode and get excited when I see either of these on “the list”… if you get the chance, watch one — if you like lawyer shows, you’ll definitely like these.

5. Sriracha Sauce A.K.A. Rooster Sauce | I’m obsessed:

The green nipple is where it’s at friends! I put this stuff on my scrambled eggs, pasta, chicken, hummus, cottage cheese, you name it! It is so flippin’ good, and it’s never been too much for my palate to handle–or perhaps over the years my palate has become accustom to its kick? Do yourself a favor and grab a bottle. Everyone should have at least one bottle in their house!

What are some of your faves?
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