Maui Chronicles Continued…

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E Ku’u Aloha ~ My Love
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Hana Part I
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In the year 2000, Hāna’s population was around 1,800 people… and I don’t think it’s much more than that today. In the years 1900-1940, however; Hāna was a bustling town! Roughly 3,500 people lived in Hāna, there were two movie theaters, 15 different stores, three barber shops, a pool hall, and several restaurants.

in 1944, Paul Fagan, a retired entrepreneur from San Francisco started The Hāna Ranch with 14,000 acres of land and a herd of Hereford cattle from Molokai…

In 1946, Paul started the Ka’uiki Inn, now known as the Hotel Hāna-Maui…

And in 1960, Paul Fagan passed away. A lava rock cross is erected on a grassy hill overlooking Hāna-town in his memory…

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The bf and I cleaned up our cabin, packed up the car, turned in our key, and slowly began our journey back to the Westside of the island.

I really wanted to take him to Blue Pool, when I was in Hana the week prior with my Canoe Club we had gone, and it was so much fun!


From the main road you hang a hard right, passing through a neighborhood, then open land, and into the jungle… parking just off to the side and a short incline hike you find yourself in this private and ever blue pool… Since it was early morning and the sun hadn’t burned the morning chill away, we didn’t go swimming–but ohhh is it fun to spend the afternoon here! Don’t bother trying to find this one if you’re ever on vacay here, though–unless you’re with a local, you’re better off not going here:)

Continuing our journey, we stopped in Ke’anae…

Taro fields 
Taro fields


The quiet little town of Ke’anae is legendary for it’s taro farming, which has been passed down through generations of families. Legend tells of an industrial King that turned the barren Ka’anae Peninsula into a rich agricultural basin by transporting soil from the nutrient rich uplands. The feat took several years to complete and turned the Peninsula into a rich farming area where taro could be grown. Today, Ke’anae-Wailua area is one of the major commercial wetland taro farming regions in the state.

Taro is one of the staple foods of the Hawaiian culture. The whole taro plant can be eaten. The root can be steamed and pounded into poi or made into chips. The stems (ha-ha) are commonly cooked with meat, and the leaves can be steamed and eaten, having the taste and texture that is similar to spinach.

After our scenic tour out of Hana we were famished and craving the Paia Fish Market… we timed it just right, and ended up getting there just as they opened for lunch, it was perfect!

Caesar salad w/blackened Opah + Opah Burger + Basket of Fries!


By the time we made it home and unloaded the car we were ready for a nap! We hadn’t really gone to the beach the entire trip though, so I convinced the bf into what I like to call a productive nap. It’s when you go to the beach and nap while you get a tan–it’s genius.

No one around – it was perfect:)

After our naps we felt great and decided to we would have a date night. We hurried home to shower and get ready to go out to dinner before the sunset…

Fresh Sashimi

Parmesan-crusted Opah

The food is amazing at Kimo’s, the service is great, there’s always live entertainment, and the view is priceless… Definitely stop by whether it’s for lunch, happy hour, dinner, or for a night cap!

We were going to see a movie after dinner, but we were so exhausted! We went home and quickly drifted off into sweet dreams:)

Only two more full days left of the bf’s visit…


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2 thoughts on “Maui Chronicles Continued…

  1. I really enjoyed reading your article! We haven't bee to Ke'anae yet, but plan on making a stop there on this year's trip! I'll admit that part of my motivation is from seeing @KeanaeLanding's tweets on Twitter about her banana bread stand and all the yummy sounding treats there… but through your pics, I see that there is more to look forward to besides filling my belly! Thanks posting the great pics!


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