Vegas [Day] 4 – Part II

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Lunch was a doozy at RM Seafood, but we walked off our disappointment quickly and enjoyed our scenery…

Las Vegas = Adult Disneyland
Happy 4th of July!
The closest I’ve ever been to NYC
Still haven’t stayed here yet… Thinking about a Villa
I feel like a designer whore…

We walked into one of the Hotels and Casinos, I just can’t remember which one it was? I thought it was the Cosmopolitan, but I think those Towers were further down. Anyway, look at these photos–from one of the entrances, all around the shopping areas, and down to the Casino areas were all decorated with hanging crystals–it was so beautiful in person! I could only imagine how romantic and vintage it looked at night..

We passed by this store and both glass walls were lined with these vintage sewing machines, it was super random and very cool! We had to snap a photo to send to the bf’s Mom–she’s the sewing machine Queen and super creative–always working on projects and creating beautiful quilts and other special pieces…

Kinda hard to see..

Our experience at LV earlier must have inspired the bf because we were back at City Center and all he wanted to do was visit, Gucci, Prada, Bulgari, Cartier, Tiffany & Co……

I was caught off guard by how adamant my man was on going in to my girl, Tiff’s shop. The Designers and Collection pieces were displayed in the front where there were way too many people hoarding the glass counters…but that’s not what he was interested in.

Nope, he wanted to go in the back where the engagement and wedding rings and bands were. WHAT? Yup. His idea.

He was excited to hopefully show me exactly what he liked for me, and then wanted to show me what he would wear. whosthisguy?!

We get to the back were there’s maybe two other people and have the place to ourselves to window shop. He proceeded to point to the engagement rings he wasn’t crazy about.. he tried to explain he wanted a ring that had diamonds all around, not just a single diamond or a few diamonds and a solid band…

You mean like this babe? 😉

Tiffany Legacy with Graduated Side Stones + Tiffany Legacy Channel-set Band Ring
(2.7CT shown)

Excellent taste–I must say!

We cooled off with some ice cream and treats from the Sugar Factory…

Then continued our journey to Fashion Show! We shopped until the sunset, and eagerly crossed the street to the Venetian.. we had an appetite and were saving the best for last!

We strolled through the Grand Canal Shops dodging people, still window shopping, and watching those on the gondolas and listening to the Italian Opera guys belt out those notes… It was sooo Venetian.. I loved it! (fun fact: the Venetian was the very first hotel I stayed at–when I was 13 the family stopped in Vegas mid-road trip and that’s where we stayed–it’ll always be special to me even if prefer the Bellagio;) 

Entrance to TAO

We get to TAO, and finally relax… we had literally been nonstop since we left our hotel, and it was hitting us! My man ordered a ice cold Bud Light, and I opted for a Geisha Girl…

Not what you were expecting?!

We ordered the dish that brought us here…

Satay of Chilean Seabass

I didn’t want to share it!! On the show, “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” it was double the size of this and my heart sank! But it was BEYOND DELICIOUS, and although I wanted to do what the guy said he does–order another one–I refrained.

We also ordered Crispy Lobster and Shrimp Dumplings with Ginger Jiang Kong Sauce, but I completely forgot to take a picture of it!! It was plated very nicely and came with five fried dumplings–and although I was expecting rice paper–I had never tried fried dumplings before, and they were amazing!

For our entree, we split the Wok-Seared New York Sirloin with Shiitake Mushrooms and Szechwan Potatoes…

Also phenomenal

It got late quickly, and I wanted to do was snuggle so we glanced at the dessert menu…

And I almost ordered the Mochi Tasting, but decided these would do..

And you would not believe my what my fortune cookie said!!

No Joke!

It was an amazing day with my man to say the least!

PS: On the walk back to our hotel, we ran across this guy.. I’m not sure why, but I found him hilarious and completely off the wall–I want to say out of place, but that’s what makes Vegas, Vegas–everyone’s out of place, which makes even the weirdos or people you would otherwise say don’t belong, belong…

You must be super hot in that wool kilt…

Well… The lady in this picture was shit-faced and found this guy also appealing… except she invaded his personal space by getting all up in his business. So close in fact, she wanted to see how authentic this Scottish Lad was by lifting up his kilt…

Or maybe there’s a draft…


I looked at my boyfriend, busted out laughing and nearly shouted, “THAT JUST HAPPENED!!!”

How’s THAT for TMI!?


4 thoughts on “Vegas [Day] 4 – Part II

  1. hahahah there is SO much going on in this post! I can't believe that kilt guy. Also… THE RING! So cute that your bf WANTED to go look at rings.

    ALSO. DUH. The food. What you guys ordered looks perfectly magical! haha

  2. hahahah there is SO much going on in this post! I can't believe that kilt guy. Also… THE RING! So cute that your bf WANTED to go look at rings.

    ALSO. DUH. The food. What you guys ordered looks perfectly magical! haha

  3. We just got back from Vegas, and the pictures of the chandelier are from The Cosmopolitan. I told James I want to stay there next time. It was beautiful!!

    Holy moly those rings are GORGEOUS! So cute that it was initiated by the BF. That's always a good sign! 🙂

    We had dinner and dessert at the Sugar Factory. YUMMMM!

  4. Steph – our days were just like this post — jam packed!! LOL!

    Tyly – Is that where it was!? A friend just stayed there and said it was her favorite hotel–good to know!! I want to stay there, and Aria next time for sure!

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