Vegas [Day] 3 – Part I

If you’re just joining the Vegas Adventures, catch up by reading:

Day 1, and
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Sunday morning, the sun was shining and my amazing boyfriend said good morning with these beautiful treats…

Grande Non-Fat Cappuccino & Blueberry Scone

It was heavenly… and he greeted me each morning of our trip with these–I was spoiled:)

We enjoyed the morning and relaxed before showering and heading out. The morning treats began to wear off, and we eagerly set out to try one of the restaurants I couldn’t stop talking about…

Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill @ Caesar’s Palace

Have you ever seen that showThe Best Thing I Ever Ate…” on the FoodNetwork? I love that show, and a few nights prior to flying out, I saw the Vegas Edition of this show and flipped out–I tried to keep up and noted a handful of restaurants I thought we’d really enjoy, and Mesa Grill was turning out to be first on our list!

Mesa Grill is Bobby Flay’s restaurant, and I LOVE watching Bobby on the FoodNetwork. His style and recipes are right up my ally, and it was this dining experience with the bf that I realized we are both in fact foodies. Big time.

While we waited a few minutes for our table, I ordered a mimosa, and the bf inspected the menu and pondered brunch.

Brunch began with a variety of pastry items…

There were more… but we were hungry! But please know, these pastries were made to perfection–warm, straight out of the oven, every bite literally tasting perfect.

We ordered enough food to feed an army, and we knew it. We were in trouble.

Queso Fundido

We began our food adventure by ordering the Goat Cheese “Queso Fundido” – Rajas + Blue Corn Tortilla Strips… Mmmm, ridiculously phenomenal.

Almost simultaneously we received the dish that brought us here…


This plate of perfection has never left the menu in ten years..and thank God because I only learned about it four days prior to trying it… Say hello to Bobby Flay’s Tiger Shrimp Roasted Garlic Corn Tamale.. It’s drenched around an amazing tasting corn and cilantro sauce perfectly complementing the rest of the dish. If you find yourself in New York, Las Vegas, or the Bahamas, do yourself a favor and try this!

At this point we were already full. In fact the couple next to us ordered exactly this–but as their entrees. Not us. Nope. Check out what else we ordered…

Awesome is an understatement 😉

This is the Mesa Burger… Double Cheddar Cheese… Grilled Vidalia Onions and Horseradish Mustard served with Southwestern Fries… Good Lord, it was sent from Heaven… First of all, the meat was perfectly seasoned and perfectly prepared (temperature etc.) and the cheese, onions, and hot mustard all worked together (you guessed it..) perfectly! The horseradish mustard had a kick to it, just right, and the Southwestern fries were a combination of spices Bobby probably accidentally whipped up one day–topped with my favorite: cilantro!

While my Man typically jumps to lunch, I can’t seem to part from breakfast, so we also got…

Blue Corn Buttermilk Waffle

The bf saw this on the serving line while we were walking to our table and just knew I’d love it.. This Blue Corn Buttermilk Waffle was served with Blackberry Bourbon Syrup and a Vanilla Creme Fraiche… The boyfriend was right.. I loved every bite!

Mango Glazed Bacon

For some reason when our Server asked if we wanted any bacon &/or eggs to accompany the waffle, we couldn’t say no to the bacon… And it wasn’t just any bacon.. it tasted like it was smoked and brushed with a mango chutney and not only did it compliment the waffle, but the burger as well!

Prior to eating for a party of five, we had intentions of walking around the Strip and checking out all that’s changed since the last time we were here… but we were quickly slipping into a food-coma.. We decided to take what we couldn’t finish “to-go” and glanced at the dessert menu…

You have to look!

I probably could have convinced the bf and forced myself in to eating a churro; however, thankfully for whatever reason, the churros were not available at that time. That’s okay… we’ll be back!

After truly an amazing dining experience, we walked back to our temporary abode and took much needed naps, and relaxed in the comfort the A/C was providing. Some hours later, the scent from our leftovers found us drooling again, and we swapped meals–I finished the bf’s burger, and he finished my waffle and bacon… It. Was. Perfect!

Stop by again tomorrow for Part II of this amazing Sunday filled with spectacular food.. Our dinner dining experience deserves it’s own post:)


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