I can’t seem to get it through my head today that it is Wednesday…

I returned from my latest adventure(s) last night and slept in until 7ish this morning; which was really 10ish since I’ve been on Vegas time since Friday…

So far my day has consisted of:

A few sips to get me goin’

 Look who’s rawrin’ to go!

Whatchya Dreamin’ Hi’ilei?

hehe… isn’t she a doll? She’s almost 10 weeks! It seems like yesterday she entered this world

Since Auntie JenJen just returned from the mainland, we thought it to be a great enough excuse to go out to breakfast–although, in reality–we don’t need an excuse… this has been our thing since before Sleeping Beauty was even born!

We went to Aloha Mixed Plate, because they serve breakfast now–and it’s amazing!

We (or really just me..) order the same thing usually, so today we decided to try two new things and share — epic decision! Nom, Nom, Nom! If you find yourself on Maui–make a special trip to Aloha Mixed Plate; Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner – GO!

Princess got hungry, too, but couldn’t keep her eyes open — tough life 😉


After we left, we got behind this guy…

Uhh, that’s a Bicycle dude!

How creative is this guy? I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before–I sure haven’t ever had the chance to take a picture, I know that much! That right thurrr is a BICYCLE that this guy made into a moped. Can you say genius? I’m not sure if the gas prices over at Shell shine through in this photo, but we’re over $4 a gallon here on Maui, folks.

The rest of the day will look like this:

Commenting on Blogs

Reading & Writing Blog Posts

LOADS of homework…

..until nap time

And most importantly….


Because the bf encouraged me to update my phone; however the new jailbreakme isn’t working properly…ofcourseit’snot! Grrr…

I’m hoping to get this squared away (I’m too spoiled to not have a jail broke phone now–my life literally would be over!) asap, or at least before….


My phone has now trumped everything… Then, my homework will trump everything… But at the very least, I promise to fit blogging in somewhere…because I have SO MUCH to share, I’m so excited!

How is/was your Wednesday? 
Do you have an iPhone? Is it Jail Broke?
Tell me about your 4th of July!

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