Checking in + Guest Post

Aloha Everyone!

Thank you for being respectful and keeping me and my friends in your prayers during my short intermission.

I wanted to write a quick note to let you all know Sophie’s Memorial Service was yesterday and it was as beautiful as she was.

It wasn’t like any funeral you’ve ever been to or would ever want to go to. It was formatted and catered to the children with appropriate songs and inspirational speeches as well as beautiful memories.

After the church service, family and close friends gathered on the beach to do what I explain here in this post. I don’t handle death very well, I suppose no one does really, but at least these services provide closure for everyone.


I plan on continuing to share my adventures with the bf while he was here… we really did have a great time, and I’m thankful for all we were able to do before his departure. I’ll get back on the blogging bandwagon this week, so put your seat belts on:)


I woke up this morning, and while brushing my teeth staring at my scriptural flip calendar I couldn’t remember why June 11th stuck out. Sure, it’s a busy weekend, but it wasn’t until I logged on to Blogger and was scanning through the new blog posts to read over my morning coffee.

I saw my photo on one of my new blogger friends’ blog; Cait, from Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous. She writes an amazing blog and is currently traveling through Europe with her Sister. She coordinated Guest Posts while she’s away, and I’m scheduled for today! Be sure to check out her blogroll, and if you want to read my Guest Post you can by clicking here!

I’ve never been a Guest Blogger before, so this was a lot of fun. If you would like me to be a Guest Blogger on your blog, please let me know!


Saturdays in the Summer here in Hawai’i are so much fun. They are always filled with so many activities…

Regatta Races are today… and I’m about to head down to the beach and support our crews. My girls and I don’t race until later in the day, so send good vibes our way!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend:)

What’s on your agenda this weekend?


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