Hana Part I

If you’re just joining me, make sure you read this post–and this post, in addition to this post… preferably in that order!

Monday morning the bf and I leisurely woke up around 6:30AM (that’s sleeping in for us!) did some spontaneous packing for Hana and left the house around 8AM. We had to stop in Wailuku to pick up our camping permit(s) since I didn’t do it on Thursday, and couldn’t on Friday since we celebrate Furlough Friday’s here in the 50th State.

It takes about an hour to get to that side of the island from where my house is, and because of a shortage in staff at the wonderful Department of Land and Natural Resources we had to wait about 45 minutes. No biggie, we’re techy-people. I was tweeting, and the bf was playing Tower of Madness(?)

We got our permit(s) and bolted upcountry…we were soo hungry and CRAVED the Fish Market in Paia…

We split an Opah Fish Burger ~ Yum Yum Yum!!

After our food fest we were off to Hana.. We cruised the curvy roads of Maui’s beautiful coastline, and stopped to take photos here and there since we were in no hurry whatsoever.. I convinced the bf to pull over by Twin Falls because I L-O-V-E the banana bread there, and I guess the bf does too, because he bought three loaves! I had sticky fingers and coerced him to get a bag of pineapple and half a coconut, too. Mmm’Mmm D’lish!

View of waterfall from road
Roadside View in Keanae


Taro Patches in Beautiful Keanae

More breathtaking waterfalls along the roadside…

We eventually made it into Hana that afternoon, and managed to capture this sign:

Welcome to Hana; The Heart of Old Hawai’i

Of all my years venturing to Hana, I’ve never taken the time to capture this precious sign. I’m so glad we did. Now I’ll always have it:) We approached our turn to Wai’anapanapa…

Who’s ready to camp!?
Beautiful views to the left…  
Beautiful views to the right… 

Once we unloaded our car, and got situated in our cabin…

..We perched our beach chairs and grabbed a cooler of cold ones..

Of course I indulged in some Hinano’s!!

After a few, it was time for dinner…

Beer Brat with green peppers and onions – yum!

..And of course dessert!


We were exhausted and in a food-coma after all that yummy food, and in true form–passed out “early.” I woke up again around midnight to a torrential downpour, and it was seriously the most beautiful sound to fall back asleep to.

I love Hana.. 


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