Aloha Kakahiaka ~ Good Morning!

As you know from this post, we called it an early night on the bf’s first night here, so what do you expect happened the following morning?

Of course the bf’s body clock woke him up before the sunrise due to Alabama being FIVE HOURS AHEAD…He tried to wake me up, but I wouldn’t have it until I gave in at 6AM.
We decided to go for a run.. 
Not that kind of run though. A hard core, look like death after kind of run and it was AWESOME! He brought some supplement goodies for me to try and while I don’t like drinking anything before morning work outs I have no problem popping pills (that sounds horrible, doesn’t it?) He had a trial bottle of Force Factor  he gave to me, which increases nitric oxide, improves endurance, and maximizes strength…I think I really like it. (Side note: I took it before paddling on Monday and don’t think I would have made it through the entire practice had I not taken two force factors, the paddle sesh was so hard core, the improved endurance force factor promises definitely shined through my tears of pain to gain). 
After our run we had a protein shake (which I should have loaded with glutamine; ouch!) and took my my Mom to work. Remember in this post the bf was embarrassed to appear as a tourist? Well he could avoid it no more–we were on our way to rent a car, and in Hawai’i (on Maui anyway) us Locals can peg a tourist car from a mile away. It’s like cop headlights–you just know.

Doesn’t matter. We know.
We had to prepare for tomorrow’s early departure to Hana, so we got our touristy rental and met my Dad for lunch at Duke’s.. 

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It was such a beautiful morning, and seriously, check out that picture. I took that bad boy from my iPhone 4 friends, iPhone 4! How’s that for some DSLR action?! Absolutely NO editing except for adding my copyright. Crazy awesome if I do say so myself!

The bf ordered Fish Taco’s

I ordered a Turkey BLT – It was delicious! 
After lunch we were in need of a Lahaina News because there was a phenomenal jet skiing coupon in there we just had to partake in (Two for $50). We visited one of my Mommy friends so the bf could not only see her, but also her new bundle of joy. We hung out for a bit before bailing with her newspaper, the bf even dozed off for a few while we chatted and caught up about current events. 

We eventually ended up meeting some other friends to go jet skiing, and we were all pumped. I couldn’t remember the last time I was on a jet ski, and while the bf used to own one–he had never experienced a jet ski on the Pacific Ocean. He had NO IDEA what he was in for!

Can I drive? Please? 
I become a crazy adrenalin junky on these things! 
I snatched these photos from google since I didn’t capture any of my own, and while that air shot above is cool, we caught WAY MORE AIR than that! We alternated seats throughout our time to be fair, and we had the time of our lives! Full throttle the whole time, effortlessly eating up the Pacific Ocean, sending us high up into the air with clean landings every time! I did place one rule; however, and thankfully the bf obliged: if we had our own jet ski’s we would have easily done tricks, landed in a turn, playing with the velocity of the machine, water, and gravity–but I preferred to stay ON the jet ski, and OUT of the big blue… He felt the same way!

After our jet ski sesh we were exhausted and hungry! We headed home, showered and refreshed ourselves before literally turning around to head back into town. We met up with a bunch of friends for a BBQ and had a blast. Everyone loves my bf, and that just means the world to me. All of my close friends are either engaged or married, so I know they all enjoy seeing me with my significant other, too.

This BBQ was extra special for me, not only because I was finally surrounded by my nucleus (finally!) but also because that night was my Alumni’s graduation ceremony. In our small town of Lahaina there is a large “L” carved into our West Maui Mountains, and every year just before graduation, the graduates, students, and faculty hike up to it and re-outline the border. On graduation night, after the ceremony, the “L” is lit up and it is the most magnificent thing you will ever see. One of the greatest traditions I’m so proud to be part of. IMUA LUNAS!

Horrendous Photo – Apologies, but you get the point!
10PM seems to be our magic number, because we headed home and crashed out! We had intentions of waking up early to head out to Hana the following morning, but decided to fall asleep and wake up when ever we woke up!
Have you ever been jet skiing before?
Do you get together with friends often?

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