E Ku’u Aloha ~ My Love

I couldn’t get this song out of my head while composing this post, and when I found it dubbed with the Pirates of the Caribbean, I knew I had to make it work.

If you’ve been wondering about my lack of posts as of late, it’s because my hunk of a Boyfriend finally came to visit me last week–we had so much fun, and I’m going to share with you our adventures! Instead of one ridiculously long post of everything we did in a week, I’m going to break it up into multiple posts.

The bf flew in Saturday afternoon and I was so excited–I just couldn’t hide it! I find it a little funny blogging about my boyfriend brings out the old-school tunes in me. Weird? No. Cultured.

I had to leave practice early (but didn’t) and almost didn’t have time to shave my legs (gross)! I packed a small cooler with water, picked up a fresh lei, and bolted to the other side. I received a text message from the bf mid-air, and actually watched his flight land from the road–it was the coolest timing ever, and all I could think about was this song–in fact, if it had come on the radio at that exact moment, I may have accidentally drove off the road!

I [of course] was caught behind two massive trucks playing games on our two lane road and caught every light from that point to the airport, but thankfully that was only about four lights, and the bf was still on the tarmac taxing to his gate. I strategically parked and gathered the fresh lei, a cold bottle of water and bee-lined it to the escalators leading to our baggage claim.

I waited against the brick wall all nervous and excited, anticipating his sexy-self coming down the escalator, but all I could see were a sea of strangers faces. I called his cell to double check I hadn’t missed him, and that’s when I saw him.. we made eye-contact and immediately we were grinning from ear to ear. We hadn’t seen each other since saying goodbye at this very airport, back in January.

We threw our arms around each other, hugged, and kissed, all while he was intentionally avoiding me “lei’ing” him due to embarrassment. He didn’t want to be pegged as a “tourist” and I made him explained to him that this is a cultural tradition to greet (and send off) friends with a lei and it would be considered disrespectful to not accept my offering.

We got all his bags after I finally spoke up and mentioned I had noticed a possible familiar bag go around three times and sure enough–that was his last bag. Ha! Hip to hip with arms around each other we walked to the car and decided to go see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie…

I’m almost positive I’m two movies behind, and the only thing I knew about this fourth one was that it was filmed here in Hawai’i. Normally I prefer to see the trailers of movies first, have a good idea of what it’s about before deciding to watch it or being thrown in to a plot I know nothing about, but I was hungry and couldn’t wait to have me some popcorn!

I was told this movie had a new plot and the previous Pirate’s of the Caribbean movies were not important… While that may be true, I was SO LOST!

I was almost irritated, but watching Johnny Depp Jack Sparrow is so entertaining and intriguing, I faked it and enjoyed my popcorn while watching the beautiful scenery on the big screen (Not just Johnny, but also the actual scenery–this movie was filmed here in Hawai’i, remember?!)

One thing I REALLY disliked was the representation of the mermaids. I have a LOT of young God Children who would most likely love to watch all the Pirate movies if they haven’t already, and I have to admit the mermaid scene in this Pirates is gnarly. WTF was Disney thinking? These mermaids were FAR from Peter Pan’s mermaids, I mean sweet Jesus, look at this one:

I almost pissed my pants, so I can’t even imagine how my five year God Daughter or three year old God Son would react. I am so upset because Disney has literally warped the image of Mermaids for all future generations. Shame on you Walt Disney. Shame. On. You.

After that scene, and well, after that movie…I felt like Jack:

I also didn’t really care for the fact that only a few of the regular characters were in this movie. I guess I’m attached to all of them and have a subconscious “All or Nothing” mentality. I liked the movie, though–I swear!

After the movie we went home and hung out with my family. Everyone got to see the bf, catch up over the last 5.5 months and indulge in some fabulous BBQ’d burgers.

We called it an early night–for a Saturday Night, anyway!

Do you rage on the weekends?
What time do you usually call it a night?
Have you ever been long-distance with your significant other?


3 thoughts on “E Ku’u Aloha ~ My Love

  1. Mermaids weren't always happy girls who liked to flirt with the guys. They were beautiful women who would sing to men and then men would walk or fall of the ship. They say some mermaids would forget that humans couldn't breathe and that is why they would drown them and others say that mermaids would drown them out of spite. I am glad they portrayed them this way. I love the Little Mermaid, don't get me wrong, but if it were written right, Eric would not be married to Ariel right now. He would be, well, at the bottom of the sea. They did a fantastic job and the mermaid scene isn't too scary. I have a little brother and he actually thought it was cool.

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