Food Fest Friday!

I know this post is late, but I HAD to post it! Friday has been such a food debacle! A day completely dedicated to great friends and good food!

My day started out early, around 6AM with a giant hot cup of coffee to jump start my day. It worked, and by 7:30AM I was standing in line at one of my favorite spots for breakfast… 
Even at 7:30AM it was too hot for sweatpants..
I was craving one of my standard choices… Portuguese Sausage and Cheese omelette… There’s nothing better than waking up and having eggs, rice, and portuguese sausage.. Mmm Local Favorite:) 
Rice… one of my many vices! 
Speaking of rice…  
1/2 order of the fried rice…. soo yummy!
I didn’t eat any, but there is plenty left over, and I’m thinking about demolishing it after paddling practice. I’m pretty excited. 
After breakfast I went back to work and focused on getting ahead on next weeks tasks. I got quite a few things completed before noon, and then met up with family friends for lunch–at one of my very favorite lunch spots… 

Kalbi Ribs – Mini Plate
I love eating here, and seriously get the same thing every time… pictured above. They are now open for breakfast, too — if you go and find yourself unsure of what to get, order the paniolo🙂
After lunch I was almost useless, wanting a nap.. I had another cup of coffee and was all sorts of productive… kind of. 
I wasn’t even hungry while getting ready for dinner… all I could think about was how much food I’ve had today… Not only do I not usually consume this much food in one day, I almost never eat out more than once in a day, let alone breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
Our friends wanted to go to… 
Cheeseburger in Paradise

Upcountry Salad w/cheeseburger on top
I also ordered this giant mojito (swapped rum for grey goose) in a glass I got to keep (score) but by the time I realized I hadn’t taken a picture of it, it wasn’t worth it–almost like that sad half eaten salad up there. 
[side bar] How bad is it that all I could think about was Island Froyo while walking back to our car? Yikes!
In other news, the bf will be here in a matter of hours… 
honi honi
I am BEYOND excited…if the 21st really was the end of the world–it’d be ok–because we’d be together:)

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