Beloved Child

I think it’s fair to conclude, when I disappear from my blog I post amazing recipes but fail to inform you all of the exciting adventures taking place.

April 28th, 2011… A very special day for one of my best friends and her growing family. Her and her fiance welcomed their very beautiful and healthy baby girl, Hi’ilei, which translates to Beloved Child, or Cherished Child, carried in the arms… Is that not the sweetest little girls name ever?! 

They had decided on something else, but did a last minute change to Hi’ilei, and Auntie jenjen absolutely loves it!

Allow me to introduce you to her!

7lbs 8oz. 21.5in born at 10:30AM on 04/28/2011 

Mommy was having consistent five minutes a part contractions the night before and went to the hospital around 9PM. She wasn’t dialating so they induced her to get the show on the road. She was in Labor for about 13 hours, with about an hour and forty-five minutes of pushing. Mommy was exhausted!!

Look how much hair Hi’ilei already has!!

Hi’ilei has her Daddy’s eyes, and her Mommy’s nose! It also appears she has Daddy’s hair, and Mommy hopes it stays that way.. since her hair is hard to tame *haha!

Auntie jenjen’s newest addition!

I am SO proud of Mama, she did so good. The only complication(s) was the lack of dialating… She opted for the intrathetical and although she had two by the time she was pushing or about done, it had all but warn off. Hi’i was positioned just off center which also made it a little more difficult to get her out, but once she was, it was smooth sailing from there!

They should be headed home at some point today, and I can’t wait to take more pictures! Until then, Daddy is taking care of his women. Mommy is recovering, baby is resting, breastfeeding, and pooping.. you know, the usual!


I am very behind in a lot of responsibilities, so today is D-Day for this girl! Lots of homework and actual work to catch up on, and I need to complete my Guest Blog for Cait–sorry for my wait-till-the-last-minute horrible habit, girlie!! I promise it’ll be worth the wait!

As for Jenn’s Adventures, I have tons more to share of recent events, including more births! In case any of my readers are concerned, no one I know in the Southern states were seriously affected by the nasty weather the last few days. VERY thankful for everyone’s safety. Still loss of power, but all is as well as it can be in a time life this.

I’ll be back soon–enjoy your Friday!

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