Pride & Joy

This 30-day photo challenge is kinda sorta starting to turn into a challenge for me! Today’s photos; however, are very fun and were far from a challenge…

Today is about something that has made a huge impact on my life recently–and while I could probably list A LOT due to all the recent [big] changes in my life, I’m going to focus on my pride and joys..
If you follow me on twitter, you know I am a very PROUD Auntie of many precious little ones who make me s w o o n when I hear their little voices sweetly say, “Auntie JenJen”…and proceed with the most interesting stories ever!
Being back home I am able to see these angels almost everyday, and for that? I am in heaven…
Healani (5yrs) & Makana (3yrs)
They’re little people already! I moved to the mainland when Healani was about eight months (in the belly!), and wasn’t able to visit home again until she was almost a year! I was on the mainland for the entire pregnancy and birth of Bula, but finally met him around a year as well…Love at first sight:) I always kept in touch, talked on the phone, send letters, pictures, etc., which I am SO thankful for because they always knew their Auntie JenJen.. I love spending time with them and can hardly wait for their baby brother to be born.. any day now!
Isaac (13yrs) & Emmah (7yrs)
I can’t believe how old these two are already… I remember when Isaac was 2 feet tall, and Emmah, I swear she was a newborn…it’s amazing how fast time flys by.. These two are cousins to Healani and Makana (picture above)..
Jordan (16yrs) & Noah (11yrs)
Poor Mama–surrounded by MEN! These two hit some serious growth spurts while Auntie JenJen was on the mainland. When I left, they were KIDS, when I came back? MEN! I trip! These two are also cousins to Healani, Makana, Isaac, & Emmah:) PS: Jordan was a Preemie just like me! Please join, donate, &/or spread the word about our March For Babies and help us reach our goal before Saturday 4/16..
Kawena (3yrs) & Mahkaya (4wks!)
Look how proud big sister is! Mom & Dad came to visit Auntie JenJen on the mainland when she was in Mommies belly, and again when she was about six months old! I got to see Mommy hapai again, through full term and thankfully was here when she gave birth to her handsome lil boy Mahkaya…
While I find myself back home in the arms of these little angels, my heart is not quite complete with out these lovebugs back on the Mainland..
Hailey (4yrs)
Hailey is just as beautiful as her Mommy! The last time I saw Hailey, held her, squeezed her, and danced with her in my arms was back in 2007?! A spontaneous trip with the Brother to Seattle lead us straight to @MamaChaplin & @N_Chaplin‘s house, which is pretty standard;) I was SO bummed when the fam-bam visited Maui in October last year, because I was still on the mainland–we are DEFINITELY due for a play date, STAT!
Baby L also known as Lennox (13mos today!)
Look at this cutie-patootie! Lennox is 13 months today! You can read all about her adventures on her Mommy’s Blog here. I haven’t had the privilege of meeting Baby L in person yet, because again, while the fam-bam visited last year, I was still on the mainland:( I’m turning that frown upside though because @MrsChaplin just shared with me today that @TYChaplin, Baby L, and her will be back in Paradise the end of May–YES!! I am SO excited!! ..The countdown begins:)
William (18mos)
The bf has some pretty cool people in his life, and William’s Parents are in that circle;) We used to BBQ, order-in, play cards, or just hang out every week (tried to anyway), and I miss everyone so much! William is probably the sweetest almost-two year old boy you’ll ever meet.. Watching him grow the last year and a half has been such a blessing, being part of it.. I just hope he doesn’t forget his Auntie JenJen!!
Terah (7yrs) & Trenton (5yrs)
WAR EAGLE!!! These two kiddos are splitting images of their Mom & Dad, this family foursome is so fun, and they are William’s cousins–and do everything together:)
They took me in a year and half ago like I was always part of the family…melts my heart every time one of them says “Auntie JenJen.” My last night with these guys was so hard, they’re older so they knew what was going on (moving/not coming back for awhile…). I’m tearing up as I type, and well, there was lots of tears that night as well. I hope these two never forget their Auntie JenJen either..
Ava Grace (18mos)
 So precious! Ava Grace was younger in this photo, but big girl is almost two years old now:) I flew in to Auburn the week AG was born and got to hold her in the hospital. She is growing up so quickly, is so smart, and gets more beautiful everyday, just like her Mama!
Can you believe how many youngsters I have in my life? AND THERE’S MORE!! I have so many more. On top of that, about five friends recently gave birth, and two are walking time bombs, literally due  in a week, or a matter of days.
I love being Auntie JenJen, though.. I am so thankful to be in each and every one of these children’s lives.. They really have had a huge impact in my ever changing life! The innocence and the love they have is priceless.. how could it not impact me?!

Speaking of children and saving lives… Help my Team reach it’s goal before Saturday 4/16… Join, Donate, Spread the word–any and all is very much appreciated!

What is something that has impacted your life as of late?
Are most of your friends Married with Children?
Are you involved in any Charities? 


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