[Things I Love]

It’s now Day Eight of the 30-day Photo Challenge I decided to participate in, and today’s photos are going to be of things I love, opposed to yesterdays things I hate.

It’s no secret… I love the ocean. Everything about it… calm days, rough days, big waves, small waves, flat. In it, on it, near it… I love the sounds and the smells, the power and energy. I especially love watching the sun set into it.

Now that I’m home I’m finally paddling again, which is my utmost passion in life aside from photography and my entrepreneurships. I love OC6 (six-man) and OC1 (one-man), Stand Up Paddle (SUP), Surfing, Diving, Sailing.. the whole works..if it includes the ocean–include me! I’m by all means a water woman, and I’m by all means a fish-out-of-water when away from it for too long.

Sunset Paddle Sesh
Not to sound picky, or worse: stuck up.. but the Hawaiian Ocean is the best. I’ve have had the blessed opportunities to travel quite the distance and compare beaches and oceans.. none compare to the God’s Beauty of the Hawaiian Islands and the Pacific Ocean surrounding them. Lucky we live Hawai’i Nei.
Meet Zoe. She’s a Jack Russell Terrier:)
Is she not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I know everyone says that about their pets, but there is something about Zoe that just makes my heart melt. We all thought my Brother was crazy when he brought her home his Sophomore year of college, but she is part of the family now. She is the apple of our eyes… I think her personality is better than most people’s actually. She is so sweet, and loves her Auntie JenJen;) She sheds like it’s her job, but so do I, so we’re a perfect pair. She loves to snuggle, and therefore makes it hard for whoever is home to get any work done. And I’m pretty sure she understands English, too. Perhaps even tries to speak
Weight Lifting

I love lifting weights.. it’s my favorite type of workout and I’d much rather do this than cardio, any day. I got into the best shape of my life lifting (although, I did not look like this chic!) and can’t hardly wait to be fit again. The Southern Comfort I got goin’ on is not wearing well and my bikini is on layaway.

Run towards your goals!

Although at times it’s a relationshit opposed to relationship, my love for running has survived the trials and tribulations most relationships do. We will forever be one through thick and thin, even if I get put in time out. I vary from preferring the treadmill or running outside.. depends on my mood–and the weather. The treadmill is a forced run, so when I’m not in the mood, that’s the best choice. Running is also my go-to exercise because I know it sheds the weight…

I love food!

I absolutely LOVE food! I love making food, eating food, taking pictures of food–all of it! I used to make 3-4 course meals once a week for 13-15 friends and always tried new recipes; usually a few pupus (appetizers), entree, and dessert. Mmmm!! I miss doing that!

I love the country!
I absolutely l-o-v-e the country! My island home, Maui, used to be mostly country–and while it’s far from looking like O’ahu, it definitely has it’s city limits. The picture above is from Alabama. The bf’s Ohana (family) has 80-acres, and I was privileged enough to live on 40-acres for most of 2010. The things I experienced and the memories I have are really the reason I started this blog.. so when I ran across the Pioneer Woman‘s blog, I about fell off my chair!
Two of the Barns… 
It’s about over a mile walk from the house to the mailbox, and every day at some point I would tend to the horses, take photos, check the mail, and really be one with nature–taking in the scenery..and lack of neighbors.   
Brisk Morning Country Walks:)
By the time I got here, I was almost to the mailbox and my 5 foot frame was surrounded by tall wheat(?) Just looking at this picture I can feel and smell the brisk air circling around me, the rough unstable gravel under my feet, and the sound the wheat (or weeds?!) make as they dance in the wind…
One of the many ponds… 
One day the bf came home with bamboo poles and we put together a cooler, grabbed some chairs and hung out here all afternoon. That was one of the best days I ever had.. basking under the southern sun, drinking ice cold beer, we got to talk with his little brother who had been deployed, AND we were successfully catching fish with our fancy bamboo poles;) By the way? ..Dinner was phenomenal!
We cut trees!
Half if not more of the 40-acres is was covered in trees. The first few months of living here was a lot of clean up, and most of what we did was cut trees and have bon fires. Lots of beer–sometimes wine–was involved. At one point we had over 5 stacks of twigs and shrubbery burning, if not more–which actually leads me to another memory, and a future post! Watching my Cowboy and his Dad do their thing always makes me smile. They’re hysterical to watch. Seriously. Many times I found myself supervising [with a beer] on the porch or on a beach chair in the bed of a 1981 Dodge… 
The BF waving me over to help. Oh Dear. ..
The bf always enjoyed involving me in work on the farm. Here is waving me over to help him move a +/-2K pound bale of hay. No biggie. Move outta the way sweet cheeks, jenjen’s got this one…
Meet Lil Bit
Lil Bit is older than the bf and far from lil. He has the best personality and is quite the soldier in his old age… Isn’t he handsome? He needs your prayers right now as he recently got hurt and is trying to heal. I got the news today, and feel so helpless being so far away. He’s part of the family, and we can only hope and pray that he has a speedy recovery. 
What are some things you love? 

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2 thoughts on “[Things I Love]

  1. wow girl great pictures 🙂 i love the pictures of the horses! so pretty! I'll def pray for him! I saw your lil 'march for dimes' button on the side of your blog- do you help out with that organization? I'm participating in the 'march for babies' next sunday in my hometown 🙂 xo have a great sat!

  2. Thanks for your prayers–and thanks for noticing my new editions to the sidebar! YOU have 100% (more if that was possible!) INSPIRED me to get more involved. The March for Babies on Maui is next Saturday, and I'm trying to organize a team:) I'm going to email you.. xox

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