[Things I Hate]

Hate is such a strong word! I was raised to never say it, so I feel a little bold suggesting I hate the following, so let’s just say I strongly dislike..

Keeping up with my expenses
As AWESOME as I feel when I’m on top of and organize my expenses..it’s a temporary high. To me, it’s a tedious yet time consuming task that I always end up putting it off. Because of that, my receipts accumulate in an ungodly stack or worse, an array of “out of date order” literally strewn all over the place. *quiver* I find receipts in every purse I own, on my bed, near my bed, in piles under my bench by my bed, on or near my dresser, on the counter, on the microwave (wait. what?). YEAH! And I just found some receipts from 2009. ..TOO BAD I WAS DOING 2010 TAXES!
Which leads me to this… 
What’s up? TAXES & RENT!
Ugh! Same time–every year! It’s like Christmas shopping. Every year I say, “I’m going to plan better. I’ll do it WAY in advance” … Yeah right. It’s April 7th. I JUST mailed it out to my Tax Guy. I’m not worried though. There’s NO WAY I owe.. doesn’t change the fact that I hate having to do it.

Speaking of responsibility…  

Bills. Bills. Bills!

On the 6th of every month: I’m in a bad mood. It’s the day I pay ALL my bills. I hate paying bills. I look through the statement and get pissed off about all the things I picked up. I pay them in full, every month, though. Always have–always will.

One thing I need to work on is my attitude, particularly when reviewing my credit card statement (I never use cash). My Dad was (is?) always in a bad mood when reviewing his statements and I think it’s worn off on me over the years. Apparently his Dad was the same way, too (Grandpa passed away before I was born) and that would make me the third generation with this horrible habit, so I’m actively working on it! *Mean People Suck*

One thing I REALLY hate–probably MORE than paying bills; is when people forget their blinkers are on. It makes me CRAZY! It doesn’t matter if you’re driving in front or behind me, if I see it: I just want to screeeeeeeam!!

Pay Attention!!

I also hate when I have to repeat myself. Talking takes energy as it is, even composing an email takes time–and well, uh, if you can’t listen OR read–we have a problem!

I could definitely think up more, but I prefer NOT to dwell in negativity!

What do you hate? 
What drives you crazy?
Are you on top of your expenses?
Do you get “angry” or in a bad mood when paying bills?

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2 thoughts on “[Things I Hate]

  1. oh the blinker thing drives me NUTTS!

    However, it's the “misuse” of the blinker that gets me… leaving it on, or not using it at all!

    Also I hate when people give me unnecessary information. Just get to the point people! Unless, of course, they're blogging. Then I love all the info. But in real life? I probably got things to do and places to be so get on with it. LOL

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