The Verdict

After much thought, and a full day of procrastinating, I’ve decided to participate in the otherwise commonly known 30-day Photo Challenge. I’m a rebel though, so don’t be alarmed if I break the rules.

Also? This is completely out of character for me as I am typically a very private person.. so this will be a very tough challenge for me to do… I ultimately decided to do it for my readers (if I have any!) so [you] can get to know me better..  Should be interesting–I hope you enjoy this 30-day adventure with me!
[Day One – A Picture of Yourself + 10 Facts]

Here are 10 random funfacts about me in no particular order.. 

1) I am a Preemie. I wanted to be born at 14 weeks, then again at 20 weeks & was finally born at 28 weeks. 
2) I graduated high school early.  
3) I am a serial entrepreneur who owns multiple enterprises.  
4) I have lived in four states; visited 26. 
5) I collect cards. Mostly Kim Anderson cards. 
6) I say what I mean and I do what I say.  
7) I absolutely LOVE paddling. If that’s all I did? I’d be okay with that.    
8) I have always had a passion for photography and love capturing a moment in time to cherish (and share) forever.
9) As I get older I am learning to slow down. I have always been impatient, in a hurry, on the go. I have experienced a lot at a young age to know it’s the journey, not the destination
10) Jesus, Family, and Friends are most important to me–they are the light in my eyes, the smile on my face, the skip in my step. They have made me who I am today and I simply could not live with out them. 

What are 10 (more or less) funfacts about you? Let’s make this 30-day challenge a mutual adventure? ..or not. Up to you! I’d love to know more about my readers (if I have any)!!

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