Famous Daveʻs

The beginning of January a big group of us rallied to meet up for dinner and ironically ended up at the only Southern restaurant we have here on Maui: Famous Daveʻs. I thought it was pretty funny since I had sworn off Southern food (my clothes donʻt fit and we wear bikiniʻs here) to start this New Year, so of course I was less than thrilled to try this place when it meant breaking one of my New Yearʻs Resolutions less than a week into the New Year… HOW was this even an issue anyway? Itʻs not like Iʻm in the South with this blasphemy Resolution–Iʻm on Maui! I was a little biased, too.. Living in Alabama the last year and a half, I thought for sure Iʻd be throwing my Resolution out the window for nothing–but I was wrong. 
Someone asked me today if I had ever been to Famous Daveʻs before, which actually prompted me to write this post. Itʻs about time, huh? Prior to my visit back in January, I hadnʻt even heard of Famous Daveʻs (perhaps theyʻre in every state EXPECT Alabama!?) and I was very fortunate to go with such a large party where lots of food was ordered. Pretty sure we tried every style of wings they offered and sampled all of Daveʻs BBQ sauces…  
The boys ordered the All-American BBQ, which essentially is a sampler of the entire menu for $75.99. It included a full slab of St. Louis-style spareribs, a whole chicken, 1/2lb of either Texas beef brisket or Georgia chopped pork, coleslaw, fries, wilbur beans, four corn-on-the-cob, and four corn bread muffins. Served family-style, suggested for 4-6 people. 
All American BBQ Feast for $75.99
Meanwhile, some calorie watchers (not me) ordered from the Citrus Grill. Pineapple glazed shrimpies, with juicy grilled pineapple and steamed broccoli… She also ordered a side salad that looked like an entree. The serving sizes at this place is definitely Southern…  
Citrus Grill ~ Only 600 Calories!
Hereʻs a bowl of Daveʻs Famous Chili… 
Daveʻs Famous Bowl of Chili with Corn Bread
And what did I get, you ask? A BBQ Classic of course… Georgia Chopped Pork, which is smoked for up to eight hours and chopped to order, and slathered in Daveʻs Famous BBQ sauce. For my two sides I decided on Wilbur beans and jalenpeno Mac ʻN Cheese… Nom Nom Nom!
Georgia Chopped Pork $14.99
I have this rule, if youʻre going to break a rule, go all out. Go big or go home. I should probably work on that way of thinking, but I was able to taste some pretty amazing Southern food, here in my Aloha State. I know my Southern boyfriend would have loved every bite–heck even my brother, who is a health-conscious anti-most-if-not-all Southern foods merely because of the amount of butter usually involved, and he absolutely loved it! He even ate my left-overs…
It was delicious!! Great choice friends!  

Have you ever ate at a Famous Daveʻs? How was your experience? What did you order?

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2 thoughts on “Famous Daveʻs

  1. They do serve lunch! And seriously? The Mac N Cheese was ridiculously scrumptious! The citrus grill looks (& is) yummy, but Iʻm not sure I have the will power to pass up BBQ georgia chopped/pulled pork!! ..Especially now that I know itʻs THAT good:)

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