What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas (Not)


Are you wearing green today?

I am!

…As of today Iʻm Irish! And even if youʻre a stranger I WILL pinch you if youʻre not wearing green.

Today isnʻt just St. Pattyʻs Day for me though, itʻs the day I met my boyfriend often referred to as the BF around here. We have a very interesting story (to say the least) of how we met which involves Vegas and giving the finger to “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…”

…Iʻll  blog about that  another time though, I promise 🙂

In a nutshell, 730, days ago cupid found himself in Vegas with a drinking and gambling problem during Spring Break, March Madness, and of course.. St. Patrickʻs Day. Had he not been craving McDonalds (or been broke) the BF and I may not have crossed paths!


What happens in Vegas doesnʻt always stay in Vegas.

Ask me about little white chapels…

Ask me how many friends I have that are pregnant (or have kids 😉


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