New Life

Most people dread seeing their local Hospital phone number coming up on their caller ID, especially in the early morning… However when most, if not all your friends are pregnant, literally waiting to pop… You have to just come to terms with this heart-jumping predicament!

A little over an hour ago I received a call from one of my best friends explaining I was one of the first people she called (I have a really easy number, and I havenʻt changed it since I got it in 1999..haha!) to share the wonderful news of giving birth!

She explained that yesterday around 4:30PM she was experiencing some hard core contractions and waited it out by trying to relax until around 10PM when her water actually broke. She was scheduled for a C-Section this coming week, unless this happened, and honestly, auntie jenjen had a feeling today would be the day! They rushed to the hospital with her having gnarly contractions just 1-2 minutes apart… Baby was ready to make an entrance!!

Mama continued to explain that by the time they got to the hospital she was in severe labor pains from the contractions and had to unfortunately wait, which of course felt like FOREVER!

The C-Section went well, and Mommy and Daddy welcomed a beautiful, healthy, full head of hair baby BOY! How they made it all this time not knowing what the sex was, was a trip! Not many of us could do that–am I right?!

They have a 3-year old beautiful daughter and now an 8-hour old beautiful baby boy…

Entering this world at 12:49AM, 6lbs 14oz. 20in of healthy cuteness 🙂

Mama is recovering well and doing great–aside from being on an adrenaline high and mesmerized by the miracle in her arms or laying next to her, Iʻm sure she is exhausted. They havenʻt decided on a name yet, but she has to stay in the hospital for at least 3-days, so Iʻm sure they will figure it out soon!

News is traveling through the coconut wireless and I canʻt hardly wait until this afternoon when me and some other friends go to visit this growing family!

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