Cold and Flu Remedies (via Holy Shilajit)

This was such an appropriate read, as I have been sick for almost a week now! A great reminder for those who prefer to remedy themselves the natural way and end the pharmaceutical teet. If you are unfamiliar with natural remedies, I strongly suggest you broaden your horizons by simply reading this blog post by Holy Shilajit!

Cold & Flu Remedies Oh, how I remember the days of Nyquil, Theraflu, and Halls cough drops.  Not only did they taste horrible, but they often times didn’t even help.  As soon as winter would hit, I’d stock up on cold medications with the hopes that I would beat the inevitable in its tracks.  Little did I know that the weather has nothing to do with causing a cold or flu.  In fact, did you know that there are multiple studies that actually show that cold exposure inc … Read More

via Holy Shilajit

One thought on “Cold and Flu Remedies (via Holy Shilajit)

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