Exhaustion. ..

I thought Iʻd squeeze in a quick post before things got super crazy around here. Truth is.. itʻs been nothing BUT crazy and I donʻt see it slowing down…

I am exhausted.

I am emotional.

I am homesick.

As I sit here and write this post, my eyes are literally half massed and all I can think about is putting my toes in the warm sand on ..a beach in a Hawaiʻi . ..feeling the warm Hawaiian sun soak into my skin… taking deep breaths, breathing in the plumeria scented air… Right now, I just feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning to be here already.

All my bags are packed, Iʻm ready to go... Literally… All four of my bags are sitting next to the door waiting to be loaded into the truck. Iʻm excited as; a moment ends, and one begins…

Iʻm sure Iʻll have A LOT more to talk about once I am home.. once the Christmas hustle bustle subsides, and the New Year is here. ..

Before all of that though.. I wanted to share this song I love so much… A song Iʻve clung to since I left my home in 2005. Every time I feel particularly homesick… that gut wrenching, heartbreaking, no one understands, feelings… this song finds a way to calm me down.

Hawaiʻi is a special place for everyone… But when itʻs your home, words canʻt even describe the appreciation. The Aloha. The Beauty. The Ohana. ..Kanaka

Enjoy the song… and enjoy the images that give you a glimpse of my home.. Aloha..

On my own

On the way

A moment ends

And one begins

Sense of freedom over the sea

But I watch my home get further from me

My horizons widen me

I get so cold here

Sometimes lonely

Eyes are open

So much to see

Sometimes they long for familiarity

And away on distant land

I always keep one foot on sand

Holidays bring me home

My appreciation has grown

Warmer water keeps me calm

But some things here just circle on

Sometimes I reach to meet the clouds but I always keep one foot on ground

And away on distant land

I always keep on foot on sand

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