I Take Pictures of Food…and Drinks!

I used to work Catering Convention Services (CCS) and Banquets for the Ritz-Carlton & Hyatt Corporations and have a horrible yet addictive habit to take pictures of food and beverages.

No shame, either.

I can be anywhere, with anyone, and I will whip out my iPhone like itʻs my JOB, and take a snap shot of what ever it is I am about to consume.

And you know what?

You love it. You may act embarrassed; “oh my gosh, what is this girl DOING?!” But deep down, you are ecstatic I am capturing this plate in all itʻs glory to savor forever.

I used to take the pictures merely for how the plate was decorated. Displayed. Etc. Now? Iʻm really just capturing the yumminess to share.

So here it is.

This is my new category: Food For Thought.

Visit it often as I am ALWAYS consuming deliciousness.

Be jealous.

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