Indo Thai Sushi Hibachi

While in Myrtle Beach over Thanksgiving weekend I experienced a severe craving for sushi. Indo was JUST what my palette needed. .. uhhhʻmazing!

I started with some edamame and momokawa pearl sake. ..

. ..Moved on to Miso soup, which tasted AMAZING..I havenʻt had it in so long, it was long over due, for sure.

Alas! I got my long awaited and craved for sushi! It was so good!

First roll was the J.B. Roll, with salmon, cream cheese & avocado i/o with sesame seed

Second roll was the Spicy Tuna Roll, with tuna kimchee sauce, masago and scallions

The bf ordered the Isabel Roll which is Tempura shrimp, cream cheese, crab meat, asparagus, cucumber, i/o, avocado, eel, salmon, and tuna on top. ..I should have got a picture, it looked incredible. And the Ahi? It was good even to my standards–which are ridiculously high since Iʻm from Hawaiʻi.


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