Jewel on the Mountain

This weekend was filled with what I would consider abnormal fun and adventure on the homefront! Instead of any usual mundane weekend activities, for the first time since maybe July 2009, my boyfriend and I did something “touristy” …and we loved it! Being from Hawaiʻi, I am all about “tourist days” and think itʻs important to experience the fun around you, to indulge in what your city boasts to visitors..

Which is why I find it important to share with you all this must do “touristy” thing! If you ever find yourself in the Rocket City, Huntsville, Alabama there are tons of fun things to do and experience–and visiting Burritt on the Mountain should be in your top three things. ..

Itʻs only $8 per person (adults, anyway) and you can spend the entire day there. Very informative welcome center and adorable gift shop filled with tons of things I wanted to buy. One thing to note about that, especially if youʻre reading this and youʻre currently in the Rocket City…thereʻs a huge sale on Christmas stuff. go check that out at the very least! ha!

Burritt on the Mountain is open Tuesday through Sunday (Closed on Mondays & major holidays) and have seasonal hours, so definitely check out their website Burritt on the Mountain for details. ..

In a nutshell. ..

Burritt on the Mountain, which has been referred to as a “Jewel on the Mountain” sits on top of Monte Sano Mountain over looking the entire city of Huntsville. The 167-acre site and home belonged to Dr. William Henry Burritt who bequeathed his assets to the city in 1955. A very interesting story to be heard to say the least as the first time he built this mansion, a day before he was to move in, an electrical fire ignited and burnt it to itsʻ foundation. ..

In addition to Dr. Burrittʻs mansion; now museum, there are six other homes (log cabins), outbuildings, barnyards, and other exhibits to explore scattered throughout the property encompassing a very gorgeous Historic Park interpreting rural farm life in the era between 1800 and 1900… I for one was often left speechless.

The unobstructed views alone would get me up there for a picnic…everything else is a bonus to be honest. I absolutely love taking pictures, and this was definitely the place to practice such an art.. hereʻs a few of my favorites:)

Enjoy–and more importantly, go visit!


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