iPhone 4

In a previous post I ranted about my most-of-the-time-brillant boyfriendʻs carelessness with his iPhone 4…

Read it: http://wp.me/p13r0Q-x ..The short of the long of it: We were driving back to Huntsville from Auburn one weekend–stopped for gas, and the phone disappeared (wtf!?) ..I posted a picture of what the phone looked like when we found it.. Sad day! But my handy-dandy electronics engineer can fix anything, right? So he ordered some parts, performed minor surgery, and voila.. fixed iPhone 4. Awesome.

Well… a couple weekends ago, returning home, yet again from Auburn en route to Huntsville my most-of-the-time-brillant boyfriend does it again!!

Alas, he accidentally puts his 3rd $300 iPhone 4 in a cup of water!





Yes. And this being his 3rd iPhone 4 since they were released by Apple the end of June, I find myself wondering how is this even possible? Seriously? Not even.

The poor guy definitely didnʻt see this one coming.

He was driving in the far left lane and needed to get in the far right lane to make a turn into a friendʻs neighborhood when he routinely put his iPhone where he always does… the cup holder. Only this time his fancy cup holder wasnʻt just securing his fancy iPhone…it was securing an actual cup of water.


The worst part (best part?) is he didnʻt even notice! I didnʻt see it happen, so the phone was literally just marinating in the cup of water! When we parked, I began blindly gathering things and putting them in my purse, finding his found soaking in an undesired bath of water…

Hmm. How do you suppose he fixed it this time?

I probably shouldnʻt provide details; however I will say he is getting better at taking apart iPhones and putting them back together.

He did fix his iPhone 4 by the way…and in the processed completely obliterated mine.

That fiasco was last week and I still canʻt find words to express how angry I was. I did get a new iPhone 4 though… I love Apple–because they love me!


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