The other night I found myself watching an episode of “How I Met Your Mother” which of course was a rerun since the new season hasn’t started, but let’s face it, that show is 22 minutes of pure comedy—so of course I watched it again!

Isn’t it funny how we pick up on different things when we see them a second time?That’s what happened to me, watching episode 24; season five’s finale: Doppelgänger.

What the heck is a doppelgänger?! It’s someone who looks like you; your living double…and holykaw, yes; it is a real word! And in How I Met Your Mother, for example, Ted’s doppelgänger is a Mexican [mud?] wrestler, and Robin’s doppelgänger is a butch-looking lesbian!

Without getting too detailed about everyone in this episode, let’s just say the last two minutes inspired this post as I connected with the intention the writers were trying to drive home…thank God for reruns and self-reflection!

So you understand where I’m coming from, and my personal connection with this, I suppose I do need to explain at least the ending…

When Robin gets a job offer in another state, she ends up turning it down for the sake of her current relationship—taking a chance on love. However, when she turned that job offer down, it was offered to her co-host beau, who accepted it! Ouch!

Ted consoles Robin with very profound words of wisdom might I add, which hit home [with me] as he encouraged her…

He shared that five years ago, she would have never chosen love over her career, and that she is amazingly courageous for that etc. etc. He pointed out that five years ago Marshall & Lily were just boyfriend and girlfriend—and now? They’re married, considering kids! And the best, in my opinion; five years ago Barney was never going to commit to anyone, and last year he fell in love…

THE POINT is that eventually over time, we become our own doppelgänger’s… these completely different people who happen to look like us…

And seriously? This couldn’t be truer. Five years ago? I couldn’t see myself committing to anyone, and last year? ..I fell in love! Five years ago? I could have never chosen love over my career…and last year? I moved to Sweet Home Alabama to be with my boyfriend—from Hawai’i!!

I’m a completely different person than who I was five years ago. This episode made me realize, well, how awesome I am! HA!! It made me credit myself for the major changes I have endured. Acknowledge the experiences, memories, and priceless moments that make me who I am today.

And you know what? It feels awesome:)


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